Courtesy of Ryan Doerr

Waitress to CEO; the untold story of leveraging tips for venture capital

No one I wait on needs to know that serving them the 7th Corpse Reviver #2 of my night isn’t the dream job I had hoped I would have by thirty-three. I do it for the cash, and I make a good amount of it, yet still, I want more.

  • I have said no to parties, trips, and events that I REALLY wanted to go to because I had to wait tables to fund my business and keep me fed
  • I had to say “no” to friends that didn’t understand newly arranged priorities, and hence don’t have certain friendships anymore
  • I have gotten unexplained sickness after sickness; strep twice, benign positional vertigo once, two stomach flus, a random kidney infection, and considered hospitalizing myself for depression about two months ago. All the random illnesses started to stop when I moved into a better living situation, so that’s seemingly behind me now.
  • It’s not all #femalefounder and #girlboss and millennial pink roses all the time. Life and entreprenuership is DIFFICULT AF.

@thelaurenvolperlife. Culinary school grad. Professional Wino. Retired amatuer bodybuilder. Jill of all trades, master of pun.