How to have an awesome Valentine’s Day when you are single

Lauren Volper
4 min readFeb 14, 2019


So you’re a soul without a mate, a Jill without a Jack, or your other half happens to be out of town? What to do on this pressure-cooker of a holiday when you are sans Valentine? Plenty!

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Here are my favorite things to do for a solo date night:

  1. For the homebody:

Get some old vinyl records cued up, buy the best bottle of Champagne your budget allows (my budget-friendly “fake champagne”), buy yourself some flowers, and read your favorite classic book, or try a new recipe if you’re feeling Martha Stewart vibes. You can always dance around your living room with just your socks and an oversized shirt, full Risky Business style and have the solo date-at-home night of your life. Try taking some Instagram worthy shots of your solo evening festivities and add some hashtags (#imthebestdateever #getwineup)to cultivate the self-love Valentine’s community! Who is to say you can’t celebrate the love you have for yourself by creating the date you always dreamed of — low key, and without pretension.

2. For the luxury lover:

An affinity for luxurious hotel bars with dim lighting and an old-fashioned feel inspires this solo dream date. The date starts out with an outfit I feel confident and sexy in (usually all black with gold accessories), a fresh manicure, or a professional blowout; a new lipstick or a pretty lacy underpinning adds a spring to my step. It’s so much fun when you are feeling sexy, confident, and only you know why. My fave hotel bar to execute this date is the Big Four in the Huntington Hotel atop Nob Hill. The great thing about hotel bars is that it is impossible to feel lonely — I always end up chatting some travellers and making new friends. Hotel bars are the best place for networking as well, since many people are there on business and are more likely to want to chat, connect, and unwind after a day of dealing with work away from their families and friends.

3. For the eager foodie:

Eat at the bar alone if you are dining out for Valentine’s Day and order wine, not a cocktail. The entire restaurant is ordering cocktails at the same time, bottlenecking the bartenders in the service well, and if you order a cocktail, there is a good chance you may not see that drink for at least ten minutes. Order wine or beer, and you are guaranteed to witness an audible sigh of relief from the bartender. If you do order a cocktail, and you notice it is taking awhile, just be patient, your bartender has to work on Valentines Day, and they are getting enough grief from their partners at home who are disappointed they aren’t with them.

4. For the sweet tooth:

Go to a legendary dessert spot (link to my fave food and lifestyle blogger) and take a nice stroll if it’s a nice night. I like to witness other people’s dates; to see the tangled fingertips, the soft-hair touches, the partner-protected walks across treacherous city crosswalks, the corner kisses in darkness illuminated by street-lamp lights, and the love. This makes me feel like I am a guest to everyone’s dates, thus not feeling alone or lonely at all.

5. For the bar goer

Pony up to the bar of a top-rated restaurant and order a glass of Champagne or a Kir Royale (sparkling wine with cassis liqueur and a twist of lemon), and you are sure to feel like a very special loved individual of mystery within minutes. No need for a date here, but if you do have a gal or guy friend to bring with you, make sure you enjoy their company, and you aren’t just asking them to tag along to avoid being alone. Alone is better than poor company, even on Valentines Day! This is YOUR day to show YOU how much you LOVE yourself. Finish the evening with a candlelit bath or shower with your favorite music, and turn on your favorite movie or Netflix show!

I hope you learned some ways to have fun and enjoy your Valentine’s Day! If you try any of these tips and tricks, tag #getwineup so I see them and I can share with the WineUp community!

With a full glass, and fuller heart on this Valentine’s Day, you are strong, capable, and loved ❤ Cheers!





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