How to choose worth over worry

Stop paying debts you don’t owe.

Lauren Volper
2 min readOct 29, 2019


You don’t owe anyone anything unless two things:

  1. You actually do owe them as in money, or…
  2. You already committed with a “Yes” statement

Anything on either side of that is your choice. You only owe people when YOU say you owe them, so stop feeling guilty because you show up less then they show up for you. Not everyone has the same availability to resources, and you are spending more time on other opportunities because it will pay off in time dividends down the road.

You are not compromising, you are compro-lying

When I reflect back on compromises I have made, i.e: accepted a lower paid offer than I deserved, got into a relationship I wasn’t ridiculously thrilled about — I realize these were moments I wasn’t brutally honest with myself. Why not though? Why could I not meet my talents eye to eye, or embrace my worth by telling people and institutions “no, thanks, I am holding out for a better offer?” Fear. Which leads me to my next point…

Don’t make decisions based on fear

I think of why I jumped into relationships with certain questionable characters, or sold possessions I needed. Turns out selling a North…



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