I started this list in March about things I learned in quarantine. It’s been so long, we don’t even call it that anymore.

I was quarantined within myself the majority of this year. So many transitions — geographically, emotionally, relationally, financially, professionally. Not that interesting, I know. We all were…

Stop paying debts you don’t owe.

You don’t owe anyone anything unless two things:

  1. You actually do owe them as in money, or…
  2. You already committed with a “Yes” statement

Anything on either side of that is your choice. You only owe people when YOU say you owe them, so stop feeling guilty because you show…

So you’re a soul without a mate, a Jill without a Jack, or your other half happens to be out of town? What to do on this pressure-cooker of a holiday when you are sans Valentine? Plenty!

All photography by Ryan Doerr & styled by: WineUp

Here are my favorite things to do for a solo date night:

  1. For the homebody:

Get some old vinyl records cued up, buy the best bottle of Champagne your budget allows (my budget-friendly “fake champagne”), buy yourself some flowers, and read your favorite classic book, or try a new recipe…

You are out at a restaurant and in charge of ordering the wine. You feast your eyes on the extensive wine menu and carefully select a bottle that you find to be a crowd-pleaser for your accompanying guests. You order your chosen selection and await while your server marks your…

Lauren Volper

@thelaurenvolperlife. Culinary school grad. Professional Wino. Retired amatuer bodybuilder. Jill of all trades, master of pun.

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